Residential Project

Nowy Park

Now on sale in the Warsaw's District of Białołęka      
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NAPOLLO is an investor and developer of commercial and housing projects. It has run its investment business in different parts of Poland for almost ten years.

In the sector of commercial projects the company specialises in small- and medium-size convenience centres where consumers may go shopping comfortably close to their homes. The centres are erected in the satellite towns of large metropolises, in the centres of the towns of up to one hundred thousand inhabitants, as well as in the centres of large housing estates.

The residential projects of NAPOLLO are realized in Warsaw and Lublin. They are all marked by functionality, a high standard of the common areas and finishing materials, as well as careful and deliberate arrangement of the surroundings, including street furniture, playgrounds, and greenery.

NAPOLLO is member of the Polish Council of Shopping Centres and the Polish Association of Developers.