Twice bigger Rossmann in Galeria Renova

In December Rossmann launched its enlarged living in Warsaw Galeria Renova. The current shop area is over 560 square meters and is twice previously occupied by a chemist in the Galeria.
New Rossmann drugstore is located on the first floor of the Galeria. An assortment of more than 16 000 products, both well-known and reputable foreign companies, as well as Polish. In addition to this broad range of private label products only available in drugstores Rossmann.
Rossmann stores visited every day more than 600,000 customers. The ranking prepared by OC&C Strategy Consultants in 2013 Rossmann finished second, after the company Apart, among the most highly rated by customers of retail chains in Poland. In November 2013 was opened 800 drugstore, now there are 835, and by mid-December every day will be opened one store. In 2014, Rossmann also plans to open 150 stores. In January 2015 plans to open store No. 1000 .
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