Glow of femininity in the Galeria Renova

"Healthy, fashionable and well-groomed" is the slogan of this year's events on the occasion of Women's Day organized in the Galeria Renova, on Saturday, March 8 .
Jewelry adds adds splendor each woman. In this special day, in the Galeria Renova  you will receive a unique bracelet with pendant of white gold, silver and stainless steel. To participate in the contest should be: on March 3 - March 8 shopping in the shops, service and restaurant in Galeria on the total amount of a minimum of 50 zł *, keep receipts, receive a coupon with the application forms from the hostesses, fill it out, come to the Galeria on March 8 and indicate bracelet with pendant, which in your opinion is made of white gold. After checking by an expert - a jeweler material which is made pendant - selected bracelet becomes the property of the Client.
Also on this day, we invite ladies to take advantage of free advice of experts who will help and advise you how to highlight the brilliance of female beauty every day. From 12 a.m. to the disposal of our clients are :
- Menus position - you can use, among others, the study the percentage of fat in the body, as well as check your blood pressure. Volunteers will have the opportunity to discuss with a professional personalized diet.
- Position salons - The customers will benefit from free make-up and beauty tips conducted by a professional make-up artist.
- The position of stylistic - expert - stylist to advise each individual include what kind of clothes suitable for the type of figure, what colors are suitable for a particular type of beauty.
You are welcome !
March 8 ( Saturday) at 12 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Galeria Renova
ul. Rembielińska 20
* Contest rules available on
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