The Nowy Punkt estate is situated in the Targówek district of Warsaw. It is located just next to the bus and tram stops of over 10 public transport lines. It only takes around 20 minutes to get to the city centre using the Warsaw public transport.

Additionally, within 300 metres of the estate, at the intersection of the streets Rembielińska and Kondratowicza, a station of the second line of the Warsaw underground is planned.

The Bródnowski Park is situated within a few steps of the estate, and the convenience centre Galeria Renova – just across the street. Within fifteen minutes’ walk of the estate there is the District Council of Targówek, 4 primary schools, 8 kindergartens, 2 junior high schools and 2 high schools, as well as clinics, and the municipal hospital Szpital Bródnowski.