Nowy Punkt – Poborzańska 37, 39 Street, Warsaw

All apartments are sold out. 

The Nowy Punkt estate was finished in summer 2015.

Nowy Punkt is a complex of two multifamily buildings with a garden and a playground.

The Nowy Punkt estate was erected at the intersection of the streets Rembielińska and Poborzańska in the centre of the Targówek district. This location is excellently communicated with the rest of the city – there are stops of over ten municipal public transport lines (trams and buses) just next to it. Additionally, within 300 metres of the estate, at the intersection of the streets Rembielińska and Kondratowicza, a station of the second line of the Warsaw underground is planned.

Next to the estate there is the restored Bródnowski Park with sports and recreational facilities, and across the street – the convenience centre Galeria Renova with almost 50 shops and service points.

The building facing the Rembielińska street comprises 9 storeys with a protrusion which forms part of the two-storey apartments. The building further from the street is lower (6 storeys). Altogether the project contains 61 apartments from 30 to 100 sq m, from one to five rooms.

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